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Discovery to Debacle Essay Example

Disclosure to Debacle Essay Presentation: The outgrowth of the monoclonal antibodies as regulative T cell activators raised an extraordinary passion among research laborers to create them as intense go-betweens for immunotherapy. Albeit a considerable lot of these monoclonal antibodies have been promoted for the mediation of grouped maladies [ 1 ] ( Bhogal, 2007 ) , some of them couldn't make this completion because of their discontinuance in the clinical stages. One such model hypothetical record is TGN1412. TGN1412 is an IgG4 sort of monoclonal immune response which goes about as superagonist for CD28, a co-stimulatory receptor required for T-cell initiation. Since TGN1412 actuates the T cell without front initiation of the T cell antigen ( TCR ) receptor it was assigned as a superagonist [ 2 ] ( Bhogal, 2006 ) . In any case, the vision of utilizing TGN1412 as a mitigating specialist was slammed when it bombed in the primary proportion of the clinical surveies. The stage 1 clinical trial of this promising med ication rose to be a fiasco taking to perilous impacts in the voluntaries. This reappraisal centers around the find, presymptomatic turn of events and moral concerns identified with the medication and the potential missteps made during the period from its find to the ruin. All the above components had a falling outcome and contributed extraordinarily to the medication s disappointment. This disaster of TGN1412 requests the significant change in the current medication testing structure for the headway of the great beyond advancement of medications. Advancement: - To advance the initiation of immunosuppressive regulative T-cells, TeGenero, a German Pharmaceutical organization created TGN1412, an entirely acculturated monoclonal counter acting agent by protein innovation of the non-human species produced neutralizer ( mice immunizer ) to get belongingss explicit to universes. Protein innovation included the transportation of the integral deciding pieces of a mouse hostile to human CD28 ( 5.11.A1 ) immune response into human counter acting agent connection proteins got from Chinese hamster ovary ( CHO ) cells [ 1 ] ( Bhogal, 2007 ) . Autoreactive T-cells doing redness and autoimmunity against specific cells and natural structure tissues are kept in constant check by regulative T cells. Ordinary T cell actuation requires both the T cell receptor and CD28, a receptor protein on surface of T cells for its expansion and enactment [ 3 ] ( Vitetta, 2006 ) . Orchestrating to surveies directed by TeGenero, TGN1412 can trip the T cells all things considered and discharge cytokines by pointing an antigenic determinant of CD28, an incredibly moderated piece of CD cringle which is uncovered on the extracellular surface of T-cell layers, in this manner shortcircuiting the interest to T cell receptor particularity. With this expectation of stamp bringing down the invulnerable framework by initiation of regulative T cells, TGN1412 was created as a new treatment for immune system and incendiary sicknesses. In Rheumatoid Arthritis, an immune system illness, TGN1412 decreased the degrees of incendiary go-betweens by actuation of the T-cells. B-CLL, most regular kind of ceaseless leukemia is related with a high white platelet tally and moderate growth of an impossible to miss sort of B-cell. TGN1412 is useful in mediation of B-CLL by non just triping and energizing the developing of lymph cells however alongside elevating the antigen demonstrating capacity of B-cells related with the B-CLL. [ 2 ] ( Bhogal, 2006 ) We will compose a custom article test on Discovery to Debacle explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom article test on Discovery to Debacle explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom article test on Discovery to Debacle explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer After complete turn of events, pre-clinical and lewd testing, TeGenero chose to proceed with first in human clinical test to quantify the security, averageness and pharmacokinetics of TGN1412 and manage its immunogenicity and impacts on T cells, B cells and on cytokine degrees in blood serum. For this purpose TeGenero enlisted Parexel, a different clinical test unit. The test convention put together by Parexel was approved by Medical wellbeing regulative agency ( MHRA ) on 27th January 2006 affirmed by Medical Ethics commission on fourteenth February 2006. [ 2 ] ( Bhogal, 2006 ) Stage 1 Clinical test disappointment: Harmonizing to the test convention planned, on 13 March 2006, the primary gathering of 6 voluntaries got a measurements of 0.1mg/kg on and was booked to have farther heightening portions more than three-week time frame. Be that as it may, the test turned ruinous and must be suspended when these voluntaries created cytokine discharge disorder with an unmanageable expansion in tissue cytokine focuses at long last taking to numerous organ disappointment. [ 4 ] ( Schraven, 2008 ) Preclinical: The test led by MHRA and the European governments after the clinical test expressed that there were no mix-ups in creation, planning and no signs of corrupt in the clump TGN1412 managed to the voluntaries [ 4 ] ( Schraven,2008 ) . To prevent such lethal occasions in future, the master bunches were enlisted by Secretary of the region for wellbeing to investigate the missteps taking to disappointment of the test. The presymptomatic surveies concerning the species decision, invitro and exvivo testing, proper portion decision and bodily surveies were focuses exposed to reevaluation. In-vitro testing: Sing the species decision, non human Primatess are most every now and again considered for the presymptomatic testing because of their nearby familial and pharmacological comparability to universes. In occurrence of TGN1412, Rhesus macaques and the cynomolgus monkeys were utilized as the hypothetical record for surveies on the balance that the 6 amino corrosive epitope on the C D circle of CD28 to which the medication seems to follow is entirely comparative and saved in both the macaques and the universes. [ 5 ] ( Stebbings, 2009 ) After cautious structuring of the TGN1412 dependent on the saved grouping of the non-human Primatess, it could put the recombinant human cells indicating CD28 with high following partiality. Particularity of TGN1412 for CD28 was affirmed with following surveies on the human cells demonstrating CD-28, Cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen-4 ( CTLA-4 ) and the inducible co-trigger ( ICOS ) , in which TGN1412 did non uncover cross-reactivity with the CTLA-4 and ICOS with the way that both these proteins have high evaluation of amino-corrosive grouping homology with CD28. So as to assist synergize the species selectivity, following capacity of TGN1412 in the human, Macaca mulatta and cynomolgus monkeys and gnawers and marmoset T-cells was assessed. It was discovered that nanomolar convergence of TGN1412 could cling explicitly to human and Macaca mulatta and cynomolgus monkeys however non with marmoset and rat T-Cells because of contrast in the antigenic determinant of the marmoset and human CD2 8. In marmoset species, 2 of the amino acids out of 6 contrast when contrasted with rodent in which every one of the 6 amino acids are extraordinary, consequently affecting the official of the TGN1412 to CD28 of these species. All these surveies incited the exploration laborers to proceed with the surveies on the Macaca mulatta and cynomolgus macaques. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] ( Bhogal, 2006, 2007 ) Alongside pre-prevailing look in human lien, CD28 is other than communicated in the lymphatic, respiratory, connective and female generative tissues. Despite the fact that being perceptive of this reality, the cross-reactivity surveies in cynomolgus monkeys were performed with restricted tissues non representing total tissue dispersion of TGN1412. In add-on to this, cross-reactivity was seen with the respiratory CD28 which was unexplained in the divert assessment of presymptomatic preliminaries since respiratory disfunction was seen in the voluntaries who took an interest in the test. [ 2 ] ( Bhogal, 2006 ) . In this way it was recommended that executing such surveies with more extensive variety of tissues would enormously aid the great beyond improvement of immunobiologics. In add-on to official and the cross responsiveness surveies, invitro preliminaries with human fringe blood mononuclear cells ( PBMC ) were performed for prognosticating the invivo explicitness and the species affectability for TGN1412 [ 5 ] ( Stebbings, 2009 ) . Since most maps of the antibodies are intervened by following of their Fc part to Fc receptor consolidating cells [ 4 ] ( Schraven,2008 ) , in-vitro preliminaries discovering particularity, with Fc immobilized TGN1412, which impersonated the Fc restricting were acted in cynomolgus monkeys and grown-up male, because of high evaluation of similitude in their arrangement homology of the Fc receptor. It showed that TGN1412 could excite the reaction simply when it was immobilized onto a surface, or coupled by means of immobilized Fc-explicit counter acting agent. Rather than the above outcomes, immobilization of TGN1412 in the cynomolgus monkeys did non demo its activity as a superagonist [ 5 ] ( Stebbings, 2009 ) . On the other h and it goes about as traditional CD28 agonist requiring T-cell receptor and CD28 initiation for T cell incitement or more all that it did non trip the cytokine creation as found in the voluntaries in the clinical tests [ 2 ] ( Bhogal, 2006 ) . Every one of these outcomes demonstrated hapless species decision for the presymptomatic preliminaries. Creature Trials: Pharmacokinetic and toxicological issues have been thought about in correspondence with lustful surveies. Pharmacokinetic examinations made during the near study of the TGN1412 with its variation TGN1112 in Macaca mulatta macaques, showed that after their IV removal, both the medications were available in the blood serum for 20 yearss, with the pinnacle grouping of the T-cells and no indicant of the expanded cytokine degrees. Because of the overestimate of these impacts in invitro surveies, 28 twenty-four hours surveies were acted in the cynomolgus monkeys. The half existence of TGN1412 in these surveies was seen as 8 yearss with a

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Jesus or Caesarion free essay sample

Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor Caesar (June 23, 47 BC †August 23, 30 BC), better known by the monikers Caesarion and Ptolemy Caesar, was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic administration of Egypt, who ruled together with his mom Cleopatra VII of Egypt, he was ostensibly the sole pharaoh. Caesarion was announced a divine being, child of god and King of Kings. Caesarion, who was supposed to be Cleopatras child by Julius Caesar, was sent by his mom, with much fortune, into India, by method of Ethiopia.However, Caesarions gatekeepers, including his mentor, either were themselves baited by bogus guarantees of kindness into restoring the kid to Alexandria or maybe even sold out him; on the ground that Octavian welcomed him to take the realm of Egypt. The last clash between Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius) and Octavian (future Emperor Augustus), Antony shared control of the Republic in a triumvirate with Octavian and Lepidus, yet Lepidus was constrained into retirement by Octavian in 36 BC , leaving Antony and Octavian as opponents. We will compose a custom exposition test on Jesus or Caesarion or then again any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page After two years, in 34 BC, Antony conceded different eastern terrains and titles to Caesarion and to his own three kids with Cleopatra. Subsequent to losing the Battle of Actium to Octavians powers, Antony ended it all. Cleopatra stuck to this same pattern, as per custom slaughtering herself by methods for a snake nibble on August 12, 30 BC. She was quickly outlasted by Caesarion, who was announced pharaoh by his supporters, yet he was before long murdered on Octavians orders, who might turn into the Roman head Augustus.Had Caesarion executed in Alexandria, following the guidance of Arius Didymus, he exhorted Augustus to execute Caesarion, with the words ouk agathon polukaisarie (its not great to have such a large number of Caesars) Augustus (Octavian) (September 23, 63 BC †August 19, 14 AD) is the author of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor, administering from 27 BC until his demise in 14 AD. Augustus passed on in 14 AD at 75 years old. He may have kicked the bucket from r egular causes, however there were unsubstantiated gossipy tidbits that his better half Livia harmed him. He was prevailing as Emperor by his embraced child (likewise stepson and previous child in-law) Tiberius. Alexander Helios (25 December 40 BC potentially between 29 BC 25 BC) was a Ptolemaic ruler and was the oldest child of Greek Ptolemaic sovereign Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Roman triumvir Mark Antony. Cleopatra Selene II (25 December 40 BC-somewhere in the range of 9 March 5 BC to 6), otherwise called Cleopatra VIII of Egypt or Cleopatra VIII was a Ptolemaic Princess and was the main girl to Greek Ptolemaic sovereign Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Roman triumvir Mark Antony.Ptolemy Philadelphus ( August/September 36 BC †29 BC) was a Ptolemaic ruler and was the most youthful and fourth offspring of Greek Ptolemaic Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt, and her third with Roman Triumvir Mark Antony. Octavian took him and senior kin Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene II from Egypt to Italy. Octavian praised his military triumph in Rome, by marching the three vagrants in overwhelming brill iant chains in the avenues of Rome. The chains were so substantial they couldn't walk, provoking responses of compassion from the Romans. The three kin were taken by Octavian and given to Octavia Minor, Octavian’s second senior sister and the kin father Mark Antonys previous spouse. Tiberius (16 November 42 BC †16 March 37 AD), was Roman Emperor from 14 AD to 37 AD. Pontius Pilatus, referred to in the English-talking world as Pontius Pilate, was the fifth Prefect of the Roman region of Judaea, from AD 26â€36. He is most popular as the adjudicator at Jesus preliminary and the man who approved the torturous killing of Jesus. As consul, he served under Emperor Tiberius.

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Travel Essay Samples

Travel Essay SamplesTravel essay samples are offered for use in a variety of venues. They can be used in the classroom, during an internship, or just in general personal use. The main things to keep in mind when writing them is that they should reflect well on the school, the student, and themselves.Most students spend a lot of time studying a variety of subjects so that they will be able to handle various types of situations. Sometimes, though, they take that same time and energy to study and work on their own by taking notes and completing assignments, but when it comes to actually writing, many students find that they are very self-conscious and afraid to write anything on their own.This is where travel essay samples come in. These samples are written for other students that may not be able to write well enough on their own. The assignment is simply to fill in the blanks and give examples about the student's experience of being in a particular place.Most college students will find that their experiences with these travel essay samples will likely not be exactly what they are expecting. If the student has never been on a trip before, then the assignment is going to require the student to put himself in the shoes of someone who has gone on one. At this point, the student will realize that the assignment is a little more difficult than what he initially expected. The assignments that are given by colleges and universities also require students to write about something that the student enjoys as well as something that they enjoy doing.Travel essay samples have a very simple objective. Their purpose is to help students be able to put their thoughts down on paper in a manner that others will be able to get a good idea of how the student is feeling about the matter at hand. Since the student can not necessarily write a full-length piece, most college and university assignments will require a sample to be used.Many students love using travel essay samples because th ey do not know what to expect when they begin writing for the assignment. Because they are given the opportunity to write in a journal that the student has saved, they feel much more comfortable giving their opinion of something that they have seen or experienced. They can also let their opinions of something that they have read sink in for themselves when they are given the opportunity to write their feelings down.Travel essay samples can come in a variety of different formats. Some colleges and universities will choose to use an e-book, while others may choose to use a printed article. Regardless, of how they are written, though, the idea is that the student has a very easy assignment that will allow them to express their feelings and thoughts about something that they have seen or experience.Travel essay samples will help to bring out the student's ability to express themselves on paper. When a student writes about something that they have actually done, they are much more likely to write a full-length essay that has a much more personal feel. These are great for preparing students for college.

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Essay on Inherit the Wind (Scopes Trial) - 1082 Words

The play Inherit the Wind, was written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee to inform its readers about the injustice of a law that limited the freedom of an ordinary citizen. This play is based upon actual events that happened to an individual, John Scopes, in Dayton, Tennessee during the 1920s. This famous Monkey Trial not only allowed people to begin to accept new theories about the origin of man, but also showed that they did not have to limit themselves in other areas of life. In the beginning of the play, the authors try to lead us into the topic of Darwinism versus Creationism. One instance was when the character Howard actually told Melinda Your old mans a monkey!(5) The audience also learns that the accused lawbreaker,†¦show more content†¦This format also allowed the story to be conveyed without any bias to either side. It is in this way that the authors allow each side of the case to speak their minds freely. In my opinion the themes purpose was achieved through the expression of becoming open with new ideas and leaving the play as unbiased form. The authors key style as well highlighted humour, as a comic relief. They used it as a tool to decrease the stress of the characters and the trial itself. For instance when Brady sarcastically says to Drummond is the defense showing us the latest fashion in the city of Chicago?(40), and Drummond strikes back with slapping his suspenders down to attract the attention of the court. They want laughter aroused in the courtroom. Hornbeck himself is in the play to create some cynical humor. Though it is not exactly a technique, it did capture my attention how the character who did accustom with changes and was open to all new ideas ended better than he who was faithful yet stubborn with old ideas. What I didnt like about Inherit the Wind does not show to be a historically accurate depiction of the Scopes trial. The main source for Lee and Lawrences information was the actual trial record found in Dayton, Tennessee, dating back to 1925. They did not use all of the characters or dialogue from the records, instead they elaborated on the actual people and events, also using reporters stories on the case. The authorsShow MoreRelatedEssay on Inherit the wind (Scopes trial)1041 Words   |  5 Pages The play Inherit the Wind, was written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee to inform its readers about the injustice of a law that limited the freedom of an ordinary citizen. This play is based upon actual events that happened to an individual, John Scopes, in Dayton, Tennessee during the 1920’s. This famous â€Å"Monkey Trial† not only allowed people to begin to accept new theories about the origin of man, but also showed that they did not have to limit themselves in oth er areas of life. In the beginningRead MoreThe Film, Inherit The Wind, By The Scopes Monkey Trial1889 Words   |  8 PagesThis paper discusses how the film, Inherit The Wind, portrays the Scopes Monkey Trial. The film showed both sides of the argument fairly. It was conveying a message that a person should try to understand and respect each opinion when arguing their own side. Three evidentiary issues of the trial in the film will also be discussed. The three issues that are objected to in the film are an opinion question, hearsay, and relevance. The judge sustained all three objections, saying that they were inadmissibleRead MoreEssay on Inherit the Wind: Religion vs. Science1107 Words   |  5 Pages Inherit the Wind: Religion vs. Science nbsp; Stanley Kramers film, Inherit the Wind, examines a trial based on the 1925 Scopes trial in Dayton, Tennessee. Often referred to as The Trial of the Century (Scopes Trial Web Page), the Scopes trial illuminated the controversy between the Christian theory of creation and the more scientific theory of evolution. John Scopes, a high school biology teacher, was arrested for illegally teaching evolutionism to his class. The meaning of theRead MoreAnalysis Of Stanley Kramer s Inherit The Wind 1041 Words   |  5 Pages In Stanley Kramer’s film, â€Å"Inherit the Wind†; the movie is focused on the 1925 Scopes trial that occurred in Dayton, Tennessee. John Scopes, a substitute high school teacher at the time, was accused of violating the Butler Act which said it teaching the theory of human evolution in any state funded school was unlawful. He was arrested for going against the state law and the trial The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes was held in Dayton, Tenne ssee. The trial was started in order to attractRead MoreThemes Symbols: Inherit The Wind Essay1149 Words   |  5 Pages Themes and Symbols: Inherit the Wind As probably the best courtroom dramas of the twentieth century, Inherit the Wind is based on the famous, Scopes Monkey Trial. The play was printed virtually thirty years afterward and takes original authority in varying the true-life elements of the court case. The central conflict of the play is based on the Scopes Monkey Trial itself. Several themes are presented throughout the play, for example when Brady argues for religious values while DrummondRead MoreThe Scopes Monkey Trial And On Debating The Legality Of Teaching Evolution1037 Words   |  5 Pagesbeing debated as inappropriate to be taught in schools. Many people feel that it is important to learn about Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, but at the same time there are many who refuse to learn about it. In the Scopes Monkey Trial and in the movie Inherit the Wind a trial is going on debating the legality of teaching evolution. Though there are still issues that arise with teaching evolution it is currently accept ed more than it is debated against. Evolution is a scientifically tested andRead MoreAnalysis Of Clarence Darrow And Henry Millers Inherit The Wind951 Words   |  4 Pagesset to win impossible cases. In the play Inherit the wind and the real-life Scopes Monkey Trial, Darrow and Drummond were on the impossible side. The trials were evolution against religion. Darrow and Drummond both had to represent the side of evolution in a religious-biased town. In the play Inherit the Wind, the character, Henry Drummond, parallels his real-life counterpart, Clarence Darrow, through his beliefs, his contribution to the Scopes Monkey Trial, and his career. Both Drummond and DarrowRead MoreThemes Of Inherit The Wind923 Words   |  4 PagesInherit the Wind Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee is a fictionalized play on the Scopes Trial, formally known as the Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes. In July 21, 1925, a high school teacher was accused of violating the Butler Act. This act made it illegal to teach evolution in any state funded school. Although Scopes was unsure he taught evolution, he incriminated himself and was found guilty. The subject of the play reflects this event except Inherit the Wind holdsRead MoreThe, Inherit The Wind, By Jerome Lawrence And Robert E. Lee1366 Words   |  6 Pagesto vote is ratified, and social norms are challenged. Those that could adapt to the changing times would flourish in post-war America, whereas those that could not depart from the yesteryear found themselves in the mercy of time. In the play, Inherit the Wind, by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, Matthew Brady and Clarence Drummond, two famous attorneys, go head to head in a heated litigation over the morality of t he teaching of evolution. Evolution is a contested â€Å"new† theory at the time, and teachingRead MoreFilm And Real Life Trial1990 Words   |  8 PagesOne main similarity within the film and real life trial is the conception that this trial would be so incredibly world-renowned that it would, â€Å"put the town on the map of this country†.1 Thousands of visitors arriving to view the trial of a century denotes a boost in the economy because with an increase of people, young and old, they require a place to stay and food to eat. The Scopes Trial was no doubt a publicity stunt to stimulate Dayton’s economy. Rappleyea especially knew this would attract

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Brain Brain And Behavior - 995 Words

Brain Dysfunction in Criminal Behavior Catherine Vivi CRJ 308 Instructor: Stephanie Myers November 2, 2015 Brain Dysfunction in Criminal Behavior It may be possible that with the addition of negative environmental experiences criminal behavior develops and that without such negative environmental experiences a biological tendency may never otherwise transform into criminal behavior. In Criminal psychology, the author states, â€Å"Psychopathy is a personality disorder that is characterized by a coherent set of affective deficits, lifestyle factors, interpersonal deficits, and behaviors that strongly correlate with antisocial behavior† (DeLisi, 2013, ch.9). This paper will discuss the role that brain damage, abnormalities in brain structure, and disturbances in brain chemistry may play in criminal behavior. In an article written in Cognitive Neuroscience, the authors examined the relationship between frontal lobe lesions and the presence of aggressive and violent behavior. The study involved 57 normal controls and 279 Vietnam veterans. They were compared by age, their educational level, and the amount of time that they had been in Vietnam. The veterans studied were those who had suffered head injuries during their service. According to the authors â€Å"Two Aggression/Violence Scale scores, based on observer ratings, were constructed. The results indicated that patients with frontal ventromedial lesions consistently demonstrated Aggression/Violence Scale scores significantlyShow MoreRelatedBrain and Behavior1173 Words   |  5 PagesChapter 2 Brain and Behavior The cerebral cortex outer layer of the cerebrum has the two largest hemispheres that covers the upper part of the brain which are divided into smaller portion called lobes. Corticalization is an increase in size of the wrinkling of the cortex and without this we would not be any smarter than any other animal. Cerebral hemispheres are divided into right and left halves of the cortex connected by thick band axon fibers called corpus. Hemispheric specialization, testingRead MoreGenetics, Brain Structure and Behavior1552 Words   |  7 PagesGenetics, Brain Structure, and Behavior Presentation Evaluation. Genetics, Brain Structure, and Behavior Presentation Evaluation. I decided to pick Team E’s presentation to evaluate. This team’s topic was the only one that I haven’t done some sort of research on for another class, and I felt that it was best that I picked something that I don’t really know any details about. Team E’s power point presentation was on Alzheimer’s disease. This disease was discovered in 1906 by Dr. Alois AlzheimerRead More The Understanding of Behavior and the Brain Essay1195 Words   |  5 PagesThe Understanding of Behavior and the Brain The trend of neurobiology and physiology predicting and causing behavioris not a new fact. So many illnesses and diseases are now attributed to biological mechanisms. A recent article in Newsweek comments on how those in the field of psychology and neuroscience are beginning to stress the fact that certain brain mechanisms account for mental illnesses and particular behaviors. Doctors seem to blame their patients peculiarities on a biologically basedRead More Brain and Behavior of Men and Women Essay1897 Words   |  8 Pageschances are that the male to female ratio would be significantly skewed. Why are women and men so different in their choices and behavior? The brunt of popular opinion focuses on the environmental cues that lead to our distinct behaviors. But is there also an innate biological basis to the choices and differing abilities between men and women? Cognitive functioning or brain processing differences in the two genders has been a point of interest and contention for many years. The purpose of this essayRead MoreHow College Is The Human Brain And Behavior959 Words   |  4 Pagesbest for me. I have always wanted to be a Pediatrician growing up, but, I later strived for another placement in society which involves my participation to work with all groups and ages. This includes major concepts such as: studying the human brain and behavior. The world in which we know- psychology. I like to understand and interpret why a person behaves the way they do, or why a person thinks from another perspective in which society may least understand the reasoning behind. Freedom of speech isRead MoreThe Brain And Its Impact On Behavior And Cognitive Function1549 Words   |  7 Pageswanted to major in college. I chose neuroscience as my major because it is a subject that continues to fascinate me. Neuroscience is the study of how the nervous system develops, its structure, and what it does. I want to focus on the brain and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions. I want to go into clinical neuroscience (looking at the disorders of the nervous system) or cognitive neuroscience, which studies the higher cognitive functions and underlying neural bases. With a neuroscienceRead MoreHow Selection On Behavior Shapes Brain Investment830 Words   |  4 PagesUnderstanding how selection on behavior shapes brain investment is a major question in the analysis of the evolution of animal sociality [Szathmary and Maynard Smith, 1995; Edelman and Changeux, 2001; Ricklefs, 2004; Gronenberg and Riveros, 2009]. Neural tissue is energetically expensive and therefore brain regions should only enlarge when needed to meet functional demands [Niven and Laughlin, 2008]. The social brain hypothesis posits that social interactions are so cognitively demanding that socialRead MoreGenetics, Brain Structure, and Behavior: Future Directions1261 Words   |  6 PagesGenetics, Brain Structure, and Behavior: Future Directions Nevada Finley PSY/340 May 20, 2013 Stephanie Fernandez Genetics, Brain Structure, and Behavior: Future Directions Schizophrenia is known as a mental disorder that is categorized by confused thinking and the inability to respond, communicate, or behave appropriately. Individuals who suffer with this disease may see or hear things that are not there, but this is a form of hallucinating. They also feel like others are out to getRead MoreThe Effects of Social Media on Human Brain and Behavior1386 Words   |  6 PagesThe Effects of Social Media on Human Brain and Behavior The influence of rapidly growing social media, television, and the internet has taken the world by storm in recent years. Its fascinating development over the years is nothing short of remarkable when you take into account that 20 years ago, only 16 million people in the world were online, compared to the 2 billion that roam on the internet now. Modern communications technology has now become so familiar and utterly banal, yet there isRead More Visual Hallucinations: Another Argument for Brain Equals Behavior1031 Words   |  5 PagesVisual Hallucinations: Another Argument for Brain Equals Behavior A hallucination is defined as a sensory perception in the absence of an externally generated stimulus (4). They are different from illusions in that in an illusion an external object actually exists and is perceived, but is misinterpreted by the individual (4). Main forms of hallucinations are be visual, auditory, and olfactory, but since we have been discussing vision and interpretation of reality lately this paper will focus

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A Narrative Report - 1448 Words

A Narrative Report Presented To The Coordinators and Facilitators of Catanduanes State University NSTP In Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements for NSTP-CWTS 2 By CAS TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Acknowledgement Chapter 1. The Immersion Concept and Its Setting Introduction General Objective Specific Objective Statement of the Problem Scope and Limitations Chapter 2. Pre-immersion Activities Area Selection Clarification and Partnership Chapter 3. Immersion Proper Planning of the Project Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Chapter 4. Findings, Conclusions and Recommendation Findings Conclusions Recommendations Appendies ACKNOWLEDGEMENT God has been in this documentation, in giving such strength and guidance that taccomplish†¦show more content†¦7077 and Presidential Decree no. 1706, and for other Purposes† or Republic Act No. 9163. It was signed into law in January 23, 2002 amidst the various calls of dissenting sectors for its abolition or reform. The Civic Welfare Training Service is geared towards activities that have social impact through activities that could contribute to â€Å"health, education, environment, entrepreneurship, safety, recreation and morals of the citizenry†, thus the CWTS component of the NSTP stressed the importance of youth involvement in broad programs or activities that will benefit the people. While the CWTS focused on programs to enhance the living conditions of the people. 2. Basic Guidelines for the Formulation of the NSTP Curriculum a. The curriculum shall be formulated by the Program coordinator duly approved by the school authorities, copy furnished CHED/TESDA Regional Offices. It shall comply with the Intent and requirements of the NSTP and its components. b. It shall provide for both lecture and practicum activities. NSTP Practicum activities shall be separate from the practicum requirements of other subjects/courses. c. The course syllabi shall clearly define the objectives, contents, activities, requirements and student evaluation system. d. Program coordinators and instructions/lecturers shall be duly qualified in terms of training and experience, toShow MoreRelatedNarrative Report1029 Words   |  5 PagesBachelor of Science in Accountacy General de Jesus College Poblacion, San Isidro, Nueva Ecija Narrative Report In partial fulfillment of Internship under GM Bank of Luzon Inc., San Isidro Branch by Sarah Jane G. Cucio presented to Jeffrey Franco, CPA March 30, 2011 MEMORABLE MOMENTS The 40 days I have spent in GM Bank of Luzon was lavishly full of hilarious, crazy, yet fruitfull moments. But my favorite part had occured on my earlier days in the Bank. It was then the most exhautingRead MoreNarrative Report1501 Words   |  7 PagesNARRATIVE REPORT Upon the completion of the course (Developmental Reading 2), we are required to observed a Kindergarten class in order for us to actualized what we have learned. In connection, I have given an opportunity to observe the summer class of Nursery and Kindergarten at Hipona Christian School, Hipona Pontevedra, Capiz. With the cooperation of Mrs. Ditas T. Beldia, the School Directress, Mrs Ninfa Tumlos, the Principal, and two cooperating teacher, Teacher Ren and Teacher Marie I have attainedRead MoreNarrative Report1584 Words   |  7 PagesA Narrative Report Presented to College of Business Administration and Accountancy Mindanao State University-General Santos City In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management Submitted to: RAMON V. DESCALLAR OJT COORDINATOR Submitted by: Edenne Louise C. Marcos Student Trainee JUNE 2011 ACKNOWLODGEMENT The trainee would like to express her gratitude to the people who helped her for this training to be possibleRead MoreNarrative Report1636 Words   |  7 PagesREPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND JOB PLACEMENT Ayala Boulevard, Ermita, Manila A Narrative Report on the Supervised Industrial Training (SIT) Program Student – Trainee: RODRIGUEZ, Karen Gayle Z. Course: ECET Name of Company: ON Semiconductor Philippines Address of Company: Golden Mile Business Park – SEZ Governor’s Drive, Carmona, Cavite Period of Training: From: October 21, 2010Read MoreNarrative Report On Police Narrative788 Words   |  4 PagesOkeechobee City Police Department Investigation Narrative On Sunday, November 5, 2017 at approximately 7:26 AM, I, Officer Raul Marrero and Ryan Holroyd were dispatched to 820 SE 9th Ct, in reference to a suspicious vehicle complaint. Dispatch advised of a white Pontiac car that was parked in the driveway. The complainant/homeowner, James Robert Caves Sr., didn t know who the vehicle belonged to. Upon our arrival, we found a 2000 white Pontiac Grand Prix, bearing FL tag Z72 AKB, parked in theRead MoreNarrative Report4894 Words   |  20 PagesA NARRATIVE REPORT Presented to the Faculty of UNIVERSITY OF RIZAL SYSTEM BINANGONAN Binangonan, Rizal In Partial fulfillment of the Requirement for the course Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Development Management Michael Angelo Jeff Mejorada Student Trainee February 2013 Table of Contents Title Page Certification Acknowledgement Dedication Table of Content Introduction Description of Cooperating Agency/Company History of the CompanyRead MoreNarrative Report3207 Words   |  13 PagesRepublic of the Philippines Southern Luzon State University-Tiaong COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION Lagalag, Tiaong, Quezon Narrative Report Pre-Service Teaching Introduction For any student undergoing a professional course in education, teaching practice is inevitable. It is that aspect of the student-teachers professional training program during which they is exposed to the real school and classroom situation in order to help them develop their skills in the act of teaching. Teaching practice isRead Morenarrative report1121 Words   |  5 Pageschargeback flowchart which I used to do in school during my second years. I also prepared transmittals for sales invoices and summary for cash transactions and sales. I was also trained to prepare debit and credit memo; disbursement journals; sales report; cash request; and update last year’s sales, deliveries, and monthly orders by vendor and by customer. I was also taught to prepare budget forecast, sales returns provisions and commission payable provisions. I was also able to prepare company marginsRead MoreNarrative Report3644 Words   |  15 PagesSchool in year 2010. She is presently studying in Ca vite State University Imus, Cavite, taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Management Major in Human Resource Development Management. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT For the successful completion of this report, the student-trainee would like to acknowledge and extend her heartfelt and sincere appreciation to all who helped and have unselfishly shared their precious time, talent, resources and support inspired her and made this endeavor come into realityRead MoreTraining and Narrative Report768 Words   |  4 PagesAds related to  narrative report for ojt Hotel Hotels: - Book Without Commission Book at over 275,000  hotels  online is rated  Ã‚  (1,432 reviews) Hotels in London Hotels in Edinburgh Hotels in Manchester Hotels in Glasgow Cornerstone software - camLine launches Cornerstone 5.1 DoE, 6 sigma, EDA – read more†¦ Hotel Reports  - Search multiple engines for  hotel reports Explore Answers

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Financial Accounting Analysis

Question: Describe about the Analysis of Statement of Cash flow in Financial Analysis? Answer: Statement of Cash flow for the year ended 30th June 2017 Net Sales $ 750,000.00 Change in Account Recv. Net $ (24,440.00) Less : Bad debt expense $ (14,440.00) Cash collected from sales $ 711,120.00 Cost of Goods sold $ (603,000.00) Change in inventories $ (3,800.00) Change in Accounts Payable $ (2,200.00) Cash Paid to suppliers $ (609,000.00) Cash From Trading Activities $ 108,120.00 General and Administrative expenses $ (113,160.00) Tax expense $ (4,200.00) Change in Accruals $ - Cash From Operating activities $ 225,480.00 Change in other Assets /Liabilities $ - Net cash from Operations $ 225,480.00 Cash flow from investing activities Proceeds from purchase of assets $ (2,400.00) Proceeds from sale of Equipment $ (600.00) Net cash from Investing activities $ (1,800.00) Proceed from issuance of share capital $ 31,000.00 Proceeds from long term borrowing $ - Repayment of long term borrowing $ (3,200.00) Net cash from Financing Activities $ 34,200.00 Net increase in cash and cash equivalents $ 257,880.00 References: Accounting Standard (AS) 3 - Cash Flow Statements. (2015). 1st ed. [ebook] pp.19-35. Available at: [Accessed 11 Feb. 2015]. ZIONS BANK - Business Builder 4 How to Prepare a cash flow statement. (2015). 1st ed. [ebook] pp.1-30. Available at: [Accessed 11 Feb. 2015].